I’m Hearing Voices…

My cookies are talking to me, and they’re not just whispering “Eat Me….” like they normally do.

Conversation Cookies

These were inspired by a cookie pop from The Decorated Cookie that I saw on Pinterest.  They are adorable – cookie heart pops covered in crushed conversation heart candies (click here to see what I’m talking about!).  Since I love cookies AND conversation hearts I decided that I definitely wanted to make them.

conversation cookie

There was just one problem…

I could not crush the stupid candy hearts!!  True, I have NEVER been a heartbreaker but this was just ridiculous.

I started off by putting the hearts in a ziploc bag and giving them a few whacks with my meat tenderizing mallet.  Nothing happened.  I hit them harder.  STILL nothing.  Fearing I would wake my sleeping boyfriend, I took them out onto my back porch and beat the crap out of them.  I managed to break three or four, but the rest were still intact – sappy messages and all.

Conversation Cookie

Apparently the creator of these cookies had superhuman strength, or maybe just a really good food processor.  I was afraid if I tried to chop them in mine that I would somehow break it, so I just gave up and decided to put one whole heart on each cookie instead.

So they didn’t turn out exactly as I had intended, but I still think they’re pretty cute and I just love the little burst of flavor you get when you eat the section with the candy on it. I think these would make pretty cute Valentine’s gifts, don’t you?

conversation cookie


6 thoughts on “I’m Hearing Voices…

  1. I think they are secretly made with concrete 😉 heehee I’m sorry I hate those little heart candies. I LOVE these beautiful cookies though! And the one little candy heart adds a cute touch (and people like me could just flick it off before inhaling the cookie!)

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