Valentine Cookies 2015

Even if you hate Valentine’s Day you still love cookies, right?  Here’s this year’s batch!

LOVE Cookie from Shake Bake and Party

Conversation Heart Cookies by Shake Bake and Party #valentine #cookies

I’m Hearing Voices…

My cookies are talking to me, and they’re not just whispering “Eat Me….” like they normally do.

Conversation Cookies

These were inspired by a cookie pop from The Decorated Cookie that I saw on Pinterest.  They are adorable – cookie heart pops covered in crushed conversation heart candies (click here to see what I’m talking about!).  Since I love cookies AND conversation hearts I decided that I definitely wanted to make them.

conversation cookie

There was just one problem…

I could not crush the stupid candy hearts!!  True, I have NEVER been a heartbreaker but this was just ridiculous.

I started off by putting the hearts in a ziploc bag and giving them a few whacks with my meat tenderizing mallet.  Nothing happened.  I hit them harder.  STILL nothing.  Fearing I would wake my sleeping boyfriend, I took them out onto my back porch and beat the crap out of them.  I managed to break three or four, but the rest were still intact – sappy messages and all.

Conversation Cookie

Apparently the creator of these cookies had superhuman strength, or maybe just a really good food processor.  I was afraid if I tried to chop them in mine that I would somehow break it, so I just gave up and decided to put one whole heart on each cookie instead.

So they didn’t turn out exactly as I had intended, but I still think they’re pretty cute and I just love the little burst of flavor you get when you eat the section with the candy on it. I think these would make pretty cute Valentine’s gifts, don’t you?

conversation cookie