Roses are Red, Violets are Violet

Seriously.  Violets aren’t blue.  They are purple.  Maybe a bluish purple, but purple nonetheless.  Just had to get that off my chest.

Anywho, it’s almost Valentine’s Day!

I happen to have received my Valentine’s gift a little early this year in the form of a fabulous new Coach purse.  I picked it out from the online outlet, boyfriend ordered it before it sold out as these things tend to do.  We had to open the box when it arrived two weeks ago to make sure I actually liked it (of course I did – I’m the one that picked it out!), and then somehow my wallet, keys and phone sort of just fell into it and I have been using it ever since.  After 8 years, we are at the stage of “Just tell me what you want for Valentine’s Day and that’s what you’ll get” and it usually ends up being something practical, but slightly expensive: Coach purse for me, WeatherTech floor liners for him (they came early too).

So there is never much mystery surrounding V-Day anymore.  However, two years ago I received something that not only surprised me, but cemented the fact in my mind that the boyfriend and I are meant to be:

sock monkeys

What is so special about a silly sock monkey card?

This is the card I got him:

other sock monkey

Oooooh weeeeeee oooooooh.

The thing is, neither of us has any kind of sock monkey obsession.  So the fact that we both picked out the same card (from two different stores) from the hundreds available has to be an indicator of some serious cosmic connection, right?  Or maybe just the fact that we’ve lived together too long.  Either way, I found it amusing.

I thought it would be cute to make sock monkey cookies for Valentine’s Day, but I don’t have that much faith in my talents yet so I just stuck to hearts.










What’s the best gift you’ve ever received for Valentine’s day?  Or do you just despise the whole thing?  If so, you might actually enjoy these “stalker” conversation heart cookies I made for a friend last year…

creepy convo heart cookies




9 thoughts on “Roses are Red, Violets are Violet

  1. Your cookies look amazing as usual. Your blog made me laugh as you always do. Enjoy valentines day with you honey. Love ya!

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