Smart Cookie – Graduation Time!

It’s graduation time!

All across the country young men and women are graduating from college, brimming with excitement for their futures.  A few months from now many of them will be realizing that the only thing that oh-so-expensive piece of paper has done is cause them to be overqualified for that job at Target they applied to.  A few years from now a bunch of them will still be living with their parents – part of the Boomerang Generation.  Maybe a few years after that they will be like me – contemplating going to grad school, hoping that maybe a BETTER degree will be the key to getting out of a dead-end job.

But for right now let’s let them celebrate, shall we?

Congrats Grads!!

Graduation Cookies - Cap and Diploma

A coworker asked me to make cookies for her sister who is graduating from Rutgers University.  Being a Rutgers grad myself, I thought it would be pretty fun to make this set.  I used a tutorial from The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle for the basic design of the caps and diplomas.  I had originally planned on just doing the letter R for the logo cookies but I had forgotten how tiny the letters in my alphabet cookie cutter set are.  The little “R” looked so small and forlorn next to the other cookies that I decided to added the “U” to bump up the size a bit.

Cookies for a Rutgers Grad

I ran into a little trouble when I was outlining the letters.  I usually have a pretty steady hand when it comes to writing on cookies or cakes but this time around I was a shaky mess.  My outline was kind of wobbly and I really didn’t like the way it looked so I covered the outline is black sanding sugar.  This is a great way to cover up a not so smooth outline and let’s face it, what girl doesn’t like a little sparkle on her cookies?

Graduation Cookies

I found the perfect ribbon to tie the cookie bags with – red and black polka dots:

Graduation Cookie Favors

I wish that I had been making cookies when I graduated – I would have made these for myself!

In other education related news I got a B in my Statistics class!!!  Take that p-hat!!  (Seriously, I still don’t know what the point of  the whole p-hat thing is.  Why are we playing dress up with the alphabet?  What does that have to do with anything?  I think I have post-traumatic Stats disorder…)



7 thoughts on “Smart Cookie – Graduation Time!

  1. Congrats on getting a B in Statistics. I know that class was not an easy one for sure.

    I love your College cookes they look amazing.

    I Miss you!

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