Classic Powdered Doughnuts (with Fresh Lemon!)

I’ve been blog slacking lately and don’t have any of my own creations to share with you, so when I saw this fabulous donut post from On Sugar Mountain I knew I had to share it! Enjoy! (and try not to lick your computer screen!)

On Sugar Mountain

Hello friends!

I am so so excited to share these delicious doughnuts with you today.

Growing up, powdered doughnuts were my absolute favorite sweet treat. I remember being at the grocery store with my mom and spotting a bag of Pop Ems’ (I think that’s how you spell it) Mini Powdered Doughnuts and begging my mom to buy them. It really wasn’t a hard sell though; everyone in my house loved those adorable little powdered messes.

I say “mess” in the most endearing way possible; we all know that you cannot eat these doughnuts without getting covered in powdered sugar.

Or is that just my problem?

Don’t answer that. Let me believe you inhale doughnuts like I do. 😉

Classic Powdered Doughnut Recipe - On Sugar Mountain

That’s part of the fun! I had a blast making these, and of course eating them, because it reminded me of being a kid again. Even though I tend to be an extremely…

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