Cookies for a Cause

Cookies are pretty awesome.

Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I mean, what kind of weirdo doesn’t like cookies?  They come in a zillion varieties, you don’t need utensils to eat them, you can dunk them in milk or turn them into ice cream sandwiches, they make fabulous birthday “cakes.”  They are fun to bake and decorate, especially with family or friends.  Some of my favorite Christmas memories are of making decorated sugar cookies with my mom, dad and brother.  They are great for gifts, party favors, breakfast.

You know the one thing that could possibly make cookies even more awesome than they already are?

If they tasted just the same but had no calories, you say?

Okay, okay, there are TWO things that could make cookies more awesome.  That’s one of them.  The other is when you get to make them for a cause, and I found a really good one!

I was poking around Facebook one day and came across a page for something called Operation Cookie Takeover.  They were looking to have people volunteer to bake cookies to send to our troops in Afghanistan.  Their original goal was to have 1,200 cookies pledged for shipment in March.  They have now surpassed 11,000 cookies pledged and shipping started on Friday!

I am proud to be a participant in such an amazing event.  I pledged two dozen cookies and I will be shipping them out today.  I decided to make ice cream cookies, because like cookies themselves – who doesn’t like ice cream?  It’s fun, and nostalgic and for me, always brings to mind memories of good times.

ice cream cookies 1

ice cream cookies 2

operation cookie takeover

ice cream cookies 3

ice cream cookies 4

The last day to ship cookies is March 22, so it’s not too late if you’d like to join the fun!  You can send ANY kind of cookies – they don’t need to be decorated.  If you would like more information, please go here.  Kudos to the folks at Operation Cookie Takeover for coming up with and organizing such a wonderful project and, as always, many thanks to all of the brave men and women who have served/are serving our country!


4 thoughts on “Cookies for a Cause

    1. Thank you! It definitely feels good to be able to do something for those that put their lives on the line for us every day, even if it’s just sending them some cookies!

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