Thanks…For Nothing

A bunch of friends on Facebook have been posting one thing every day this month that they are thankful for.  I have decided to go the opposite route, and take a moment to send a little “thanks for nothing” to those who have pissed me off over the past few days.

1.  T-Mobile: Thank you SO much for porting my phone number BEFORE my phone arrived so that, for the past two days, I had no cell service of any kind.  And a double thanks for informing me, when I called and spoke with your snotty support twit, that yes, you would be charging me for those two days even though I was NOT receiving service from you.  Way to impress a brand new customer, douchebags.

2.  Asshat at the grocery store:  It was so kind of you to prevent me from backing out of my parking spot (after I had to fight through the throngs of ignorant morons INSIDE the store just so I could get some lettuce and cans of beans) by sticking your cart directly behind my vehicle while you loaded your bags into the trunk of your ridiculously stupid, giant SUV.  You rock.

3.  Handful of NHL players:  It was so cool that you decided to put together a game in Atlantic City to benefit Sandy relief organizations, and even cooler that you scheduled it for one of the ONLY DAYS ALL YEAR that I actually have plans.  Every other weekend I sit around on my ass doing nothing, but not the day you are holding the game.  Potentially the only hockey game I could have seen this season and I can’t go.  BOO!  (But still YAY for the cause!)

Oh, and another BOO for this stupid ass NHL lockout.  While you are busy fighting over your hundreds of thousands of dollars, there are people who work for minimum wage in your arenas that are OUT OF WORK because of you!  Get over yourselves, all of you!

4.  This last one requires a bit of back story…  A little over a year ago, a woman ON A BICYCLE crashed into my car which was parked on the street (something I rarely ever do).  She took off my power mirror, and dented and scratched the front end of my car.  Apparently my neighbor across the street saw what happened, and made sure she came up to the house to tell me what she did.  My boyfriend answered the door, and when she said she had hit my car and was going home to get her insurance info (homeowners I guess?) he believed her.  Had we known that the only reason she came up in the first place was that she had been nabbed trying to just take off by the guy across the street we would have just called the cops.  Anyway, of course she did not come back, and we had not taken any info from her.

So last week my boyfriend is out front and the lady drives up and says, “Oh, I see you got the car fixed.  How much did it cost so I can pay you?”  Mind you, over a YEAR has gone by at this point.  So he tells her the cost to replace the mirror (I still have the lovely marks from her bike handle bar) and she says, “I don’t have a job, I can’t pay you,” gives her address, and drives off in her BRAND NEW Toyota Corolla.

So I want to thank her for a). drunk biking or whatever the hell she was doing when she crashed my car, b). saying she would return that day to take care of things and then disappearing and c.) randomly showing up a year later to rub in my face that she still hasn’t paid for the damage to my car, and apparently doesn’t have a job but has a much newer, nicer car than I do.  Piss off.

OKAY, I feel a little better now.  On to some things I am actually thankful for.

I would like to express my thanks to The Domestic Rebel for this blog post, in which she alerted me to the fact that such a thing as Hot Cocoa with Marshmallow 3 Musketeers bars exist in this mad world.  I found them today, and they are awesome.

I might actually try her recipe in which she melted the candy bars down to make icing for cupcakes (hello, genius!), if I don’t eat the whole bag first.

Next, I would like to thank Pinnacle Vodka for making Pumpkin Pie flavored vodka.  I have had so much fun making drinks with this stuff over the past month and today I might have outdone myself…

I loooove those mucho mudslides you get at Friday’s or Applebee’s, loaded up with ice cream and whipped cream and chocolate syrup.  So after a twenty minute argument with customer “support” at T-Mobile, this was just the thing I needed to bring my happy back.


Pumpkin Mudslide
1 oz Pinnacle Pumpkin Pie
1 oz Kahlua
1 oz Baileys
2 scoops coffee flavored ice cream
chocolate syrup and whipped cream for garnish
Blend liquors, ice cream and ice in blender.  Drizzle chocolate syrup around the inside of a glass, pour in drink, and top with whipped cream.


Mmmmmmm….what was I annoyed about???  Oh, that’s right, not a damn thing! : )

Lastly I would like to say thanks to those of you who, whenever I manage to post something, take a few minutes out of your busy day to read what I have to say here in my blog.  It’s been awesome so far getting to interact with all of you and I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!  (If you aren’t in the U.S., just have a happy Thursday!)


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