Not Quite The Night Before Christmas

Just two weeks before Christmas, and all through my blog

No cocktail has been shaken, not even some nog!

The Miracle of Egg Nog and Baileys
The Miracle of Egg Nog and Baileys (Photo credit: matthewhooper)

My mixer sits there all alone and forgotten;

The eggs in my fridge are probably rotten.

My sifter lies nestled so snug in its drawer;

I need to bake cupcakes so I can post more!

My presence on WordPress has been rather lacking.

There’s just so much to do – I need to get cracking!

Time has passed quickly since the first of December –

I have so much to do that it’s hard to remember!

I have plans for cupcakes in holiday flavors,

And goodies that hopefully my friends will savor.

But I still have shopping and wrapping to do,

And if it stops raining I need to put up my lights, too! (Seriously Mother Nature – I thought it was supposed to be 60 and sunny on Saturday?!)

christmas cookies
christmas cookies (Photo credit: Sabina Panayotova)

After that there’s an order of cookies to bake;

Maybe then I’ll come up with a cocktail to make.

Until I return with new photos to share,

I wrote you this poem so my blog is not bare!


Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!  I’ll be back soon – I promise!

The stress really got to Santa this year, so d...
The stress really got to Santa this year, so did the tequila. (Photo credit: formerperson)

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