Simple (yet lovely!) Wedding Cupcakes

On Saturday I had the honor of supplying the cupcakes for a longtime friend’s wedding.  She loves chocolate and raspberry, and the groom loves lemon so I made chocolate cupcakes filled with raspberry jam and white cake cupcakes filled with lemon curd.  I topped both with a simple dollop of vanilla butter cream and some lavender sanding sugar.  What really made the cupcakes were the custom toppers I ordered from Michele over at Scrapsecrets.  I sent her a copy of the wedding invitation and asked that she just come up with something that matched. Her design was fantastic, as usual!

The resulting cupcake is a perfect marriage of our talents!!

Navy blue and lavender theme wedding cupcakes | Shake Bake and Party

Here is how the cupcakes were displayed at the wedding –

Rustic Wedding Cupcake Display

One sweet little lady came up to me and asked, “Are you the one that made the cupcakes?”  I confirmed that I was and she replied, “They were delicious!  Both of them!!”  I hope they were equally well received by all the other guests!

Congrats again to A & L!


7 thoughts on “Simple (yet lovely!) Wedding Cupcakes

  1. Nice flavor combinations and I like the creativity behind the display for the cupcakes, has that summertime “feel” to it.

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