The “My Car Tried To Kill Me” Cocktail

You’re going to get a doubly informative post this evening!  Not only will you get a new, delicious cocktail recipe –  you will also get a little bit of car safety information!  Sounds fun, no?

After work I went to the grocery store to get some baking supplies for this weekend.  On my way home, my car suddenly began accelerating on its own.  I was zipping along at 50 mph without even having my foot on the gas.  When I pushed down on the brake, it felt like it was pushing right back up against my foot and it took way too long for the car to actually stop.  Even then, the engine was revving.  I felt like Danica Patrick!

Or not.  I was actually afraid I was going to crash into someone or something and die.  Luckily, I wasn’t far from home and made it to my house without incident (other than a minor heart attack).

Then I made myself a drink.

Chocolate Kahlua Cookie Cocktail

Meet the “My Car Tried To Kill Me” cocktail, aka The Chocolate Kahlua Cookie!


Using a standard sized shot glass (I was too freaked out to actually measure anything), combine in a cocktail shaker:

1 shot of Kahlua
1 shot of Godiva Chocolate Liqueur
Half a shot of Pinnacle Cookie Dough Vodka
Splash of cream or half & half, to tase

Sorry that I don’t have a bunch of cute pictures.  I took just this one and then had to go sit down and drink the damn thing.  It’s definitely something I would make again, though preferably NOT after near death by Ford Taurus.

And this is where the auto safety bit comes in.

1.  A quick Google search has revealed to me that last year the government was investigating sudden acceleration problems in the Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable model years 2001-2006.  Apparently since no one has actually died (yet!) because of this issue they closed the investigation without issuing a recall.  So heads up if you own one of these vehicles.

2. Should this happen to you while driving, it might help to put your car in neutral.  I wish I had known this BEFORE I became Speed Racer this afternoon.  Shouldn’t that be info you have to learn to pass your driver’s test or something?  Might be important someday, yeah?

So, I know cars and booze are not something that you should normally mix but I think this combination is completely justifiable.

Stay safe everyone!  I need another drink…


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