One dozen eggs and six cups of butter later…

My SIX batches of dough for Easter Cookie Madness 2012 are chilling in the fridge.  I used my good old hand-held mixer and I think I damn near overheated the thing.  I think I need a better attachment for my stand mixer because it just doesn’t get all the stuff up from the bottom of the bowl.  Anyone else have that problem (or a solution)?

This is a hand-held electric beater (also know...


Another kitchen related question… Does anyone else despise cleaning the lids to pots?  I have noticed lately that I had no problem hand washing pots and pans, but I always stick the lids in the dishwasher.  Why?

Anyway, tomorrow is baking day and then I have the whole weekend to decorate Easter egg, bunny, chick, Peep and wine bottle cookies.  Yes, wine bottles.  Someone needs them for a wine themed birthday party next weekend.  Everyone is keeping me busy!!

Speaking of wine, I think it’s time for a little nightcap!  Cheers!


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