Cupcakes Taste Better Than Gasoline

Exactly how does one become addicted to drinking gasoline?!?!???  I’m watching My Strange Addiction on TLC and I am completely baffled.  “I liked the way it smelled, so I decided to drink it… It didn’t taste good.”  No, really?!  Yet somehow now this chick is addicted to doing daily shots of the stuff.

I like the smell of some weird things.  Elmer’s Rubber Cement and Play-Doh (check out Play-Doh Cologne!!) to name a few.

Rubber Cement suicide
Rubber Cement suicide (Photo credit: Chapendra)

I don’t eat them though!! Okay, so ONE time in elementary school I licked a smelly marker – who hasn’t done that?  Point is – I didn’t do it AGAIN!  I don’t need to become a member of Marker Lickers Anonymous.  I need to know – how does trying something once and NOT liking it lead to becoming addicted to it?  More importantly, where does TLC find these people?!


Here’s one of my addictions…

Snickerdoodle Cupcakes!!  You can get the recipe I used here.  I bought a package of Pepperidge Farm Snickerdoodle cookies and cut into triangles for the decoration.  This has to be one of the most delicious cupcake recipes ever, and it uses boxed cake mix so it’s super easy!

If you ever get the urge to drink some gasoline, try one of these instead.


4 thoughts on “Cupcakes Taste Better Than Gasoline

  1. Well, I still have to lick play doh once in a while. i think i’ve done it twice since ashton has been born three years ago. Can’t help it! SALTY! hahaha

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