The Domestic Rebel



When I was a little kid, I always got pretty stoked for Valentine’s Day.

There was something about picking out the perfect box of Valentine’s cards at the grocery store, filling them out individually with every kid’s name, and attaching some kind of candy to the greeting.

Similarly, I’d be equally stoked to make my “Valentine’s mailbox” which I’d decorate with a ton of brightly colored hearts and stars and things as to attract a simple-minded child’s attention and perhaps they’d drop a few extra Conversation hearts my way.

In first grade, I remember staying up super late one night, drawing everyone in my class a picture in addition to their personalized Valentine’s and candy. I wanted to do this because I wanted to attract the attention of the boy I liked: Robert.

Robert looked like the brother of Zach Morris and had a cutie comb-over in our class…

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