The Seaweed Is Always Greener In Somebody Else’s Lake

I think The Little Mermaid is probably my favorite Disney movie – mostly because of the music.  That movie has an awesome soundtrack.

I was ten when it came out.  I had the cassette tape (might there be people reading this who don’t know what cassettes are – am I that old?!) and I spent hours belting out Part Of Your World along with Ariel.  I also spent hours perfecting my routine to go along with Debbie Gibson‘s Electric Youth on my swing set, but that is a story for another time.  This post is about The Little Mermaid!

Well, it’s actually about  the cupcakes I made for an adorable little girl who is having a Little Mermaid themed birthday party!  I wish that I were talented enough to make fancy Ariel and Sebastian figurines out of fondant to use as cupcake toppers but I’m not so I bought Little Mermaid cupcake liners and made little sea creatures out of melting chocolates.

cupcakes for Little Mermaid party

cupcakes for Little Mermaid party

cupcakes for Little Mermaid themed party

Little Mermaid Themed Cupcakes