One of my favorite holidays is a week away and I have just one question…

When did Halloween become so lame?!

Trick-or-Treat was a serious event when I was a kid.  My mom made a lot of costumes for me and my little brother.

Me, as Rainbow Brite.  Yes, my mom MADE that!
Me, as Rainbow Brite. Yes, my mom MADE that!

Then, when I was too old for my mom to be making my costume for me, I made my own!

Lucky Charms!  I was the blue diamond...
Lucky Charms! I was the blue diamond…

See those things in our hands?!  PILLOWCASES!  We filled them, at least twice! We didn’t run around with those crappy plastic pumpkins that hold ten pieces of candy.

If Halloween fell on a school day: 1.  We got to have a Halloween parade.  I’ve been hearing about all kinds of school districts in my area canceling these events because some asshat is offended.  Give me a freaking break.  What is offensive about playing dress-up and getting free candy?!  And 2.  We were out roaming the streets in droves as soon as school let out, and we didn’t come home until well after 8-9 o’clock.  Now, no one shows up at my house until after dinner and the last kids usually arrive around 7.  LAME!  If Halloween was on the weekend, it was on like Donkey Kong.

We were allowed to wear masks (the creepier the better) and we didn’t have to have our parents lurking on the sidewalk as we went up to ring doorbells.  We were running wild and free, and we had a ball!

These days, I have maybe a dozen kids come to my house to Trick-or-Treat, and half of them don’t even bother to put on costumes.  They just ring my doorbell and then sullenly hold out a bag when I open the door.  They don’t even yell “TRICK OR TREAT!”  I’m often tempted to ask what the hell they are doing on my doorstep, but I’m afraid my house will be paint-balled if I do.  So I give them their candy and send them on their way, all while mourning the loss of what used to be an AWESOME tradition.

So, to honor the good old days, I made some cupcakes with my favorite Halloween candy – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!

I used a boxed chocolate cake mix.  I poured a little batter into the bottom of the cups, then added a peanut butter cup.  I poured the remaining batter on top and baked per the box instructions.  I made a chocolate buttercream, and topped the cupcakes with crushed Reese’s Pieces and a mini PB Cup.  Total candy coma!





Doesn’t this make you want to stick a sheet over your head and go beg your neighbors for candy???  Bring (the real) Halloween Back!!!